Research by McKinsey found that 70% of business transformation projects fail.

At Energise we address this issue. Our track record of combining consultancy expertise, industry knowledge and an approach focused on long term benefits for clients has consistently delivered project success.

The key elements of our approach to increase project success are

  • Problem solving
  • Solution Design
  • People engagement

Which deliver successful business transformation

We are always happy to discuss our approach in the context of a prospective project to see how we can help deliver a successful transformation or re-energise an existing on one

Problem Solving


Challenge: Parent utility company concerned on a Subsidiary change programme status 5 month prior to a ERP rollout and wanted a review on the transformation to assess readiness.

Delivered: Identified the real issue was the communication gap between the parent and subsidiary. Fixed the communication gap between subsidiary in the 3 week review, through building relationships despite being seen as the “enemy initially”. Identified key areas and practical solutions for improvements. Was then asked to build a plan and support the execution of the transition for this subsidiary and another in the run up to go live.

Business results: SAP went live with no major customer impact or service impact, which was no mean feat given it was during one of their operationally most busy period (storm season).

Solution Design


Challenge: To move a Romanian oil company from the communist era mindset to a modern company with improved performance and better control.

Delivered: a new business model including new process model and organisation structure (covering over 4000 employees). Worked with the HR and the operations department to implement a cultural change to create managers who were “delivering tasks from management” to “business owners managing their own assets”. A programme was delivered which started with the initial recruitment process of the new managers and then implementing the planning and budgeting process to deliver this cultural change and skills development.

Business results: accurate management information at board level for the first time ever, better communication between the headquarters and the field offices and visible increase in management capability.

People Engagement


Challenge: build global processes to support a new IT reservoir modelling tool with a global energy company that didn’t want new processes.

Delivered: within 3 months had all the technical directors and their teams enthusiastically creating processes that involved over 100 business people and the value of these processes were so highly prized they were rolled out before the tool implementation. The biggest challenge was ensuring all areas delivered together and different departments didn’t roll out processes too early!

Business results: New processes rolled out to over 2,000 users with an estimated benefit of over 100 FTE saving.

Business Transformation


Challenge: To enable faster, more effective and better quality reporting to external investors with more robust internal controls for a European business with different reporting requirements.

Delivered:  Advised the business executives to set up project governance and project managed a business team split across multiple locations.  Worked with the IT team on the technology solution and database including parallel running through two reporting cycles as the tool was being developed. Delivered new processes, controls and IT database and reporting tool so the business could replicate their current reports and produce new analysis for internal use.

Business results: 50% saving in time checking and uploading data and up to a week in terms of quarterly report creation and the ability to do performance analysis on data which had been almost impossible previously.